‘Don’t Look at Me’ Lush Face Mask Review 

Hello. Since my last post I have had two major exams and managed to fit in seeing my faves ‘The Tenderloins’ in Birmingam. 

While I was in Birmingham I picked up a Lush face mask. Recently I’ve felt my face has lacked vibrancy and just looked all round rather dull. So I felt a wee pick me up was needed. After looking at some reviews online and having a nosey in store I decided to go for the ‘Dont Look At Me’ fresh masks. And yes it is BRIGHT BLUE, but don’t worry. For me, personally I never shopped in Lush… I know right??? However more recently I have discovered that the crazy looking colours are not going to affect my skin because it is all 100% natural. Their products are JAM PACKED with the goodness that our skin craves so I am mega excited about this discovery. 

Now for what I think of ‘Don’t look at me’ I choose this because of what ingredients are present: Lemon juice, Mururmu butter, grapefruit oil and lots of other 100% natural ingredients. I have combiniation skin with some dryness and a problem area usually around my mouth and chin. The ingredients in ‘DLAM’ are all things that are said to revitalise the skin and get rid of redness, it’s not things you would just have lying around your house so THANK YOU Lush for creating this handy wee pot of goodness. The mask itself is Vegan, bright blue and a grainy but not too harsh texture. It is advised you keep in the fridge so the feeling you get when applying is amazing. 

I have had this mask on 4 times now, leaving 2/3 days in between applications as I don’t want to bombard my skin. I put one layer of the product all over my face avoiding my eyes and mouth and let it sink in for 10/15 mins and then wash off with warm water while it gently exfoliates. Afterwards my face feels super super smooth it’s crazy. It smells of lemon and is so delicious. After application due to the ingredients in the mask being so fresh and straight from the fridge my face feels instantly refreshed and not at all dried out. I was worried about a feeling of dryness but I have been so pleasantly surprised. So far I absolutely love ‘Dont Look At Me’ and have been actually complimented on my skin for ‘glowing’. So I highly recommend this product if anyone has similar skin to mine, looking for a skin boost especially in these winter months. Remember don’t be scared of the scary bright colours! It’s all full of goodness! 

Well that’s all for this one. I have my dissertation looming so I imagine I will be mega busy with that over the next wee while sooooo…

Until next time,


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