Ello, 2017.

New year, new blog? OK here goes… Hi, im Lesleyanne and welcome to my blog. I decided to start this blog as 2017 is going to be a BIG year. I am OBSESSED with all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and interior design so i feel that what better place to show style inspo and reviews on the things I purchase than on Letters by Lel. Not sure how this will go, but if you are into beauty products, fashion, interior design then keep on reading as I aim to be filling this bad boy with lots of juicy content for you. As I said before this year is a big one for me. I am finishing my degree in April and getting MARRIED in December 2017! So there will be lots of goodness to share and would like to share this journey with you. Down there is our cat Dexter (yes – you will see a lot of him) So if you a cat lover then stick around for more of the same. Well that’s all for now folks. I think my next blog will be a review on recent Origins Facial wash purchase? What ya think?





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